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Creating websites with new features and unique layouts, and
following the latest trends is not an easy task, it takes time and passion for
learning web design and development trends. By using Web design and development
libraries properly, can make a life little easy, but still, it takes some time
to learn and become a good developer.

While everyone is struggling in their early stage of leaning
web design & development. “The more we involve, the more we
learn.” With keeping this basic concept in mind, anyone can design and
develop a website.

There are worst and best thing to become a web developer.
However, learning new techniques and tools is very exciting for any web
developers. Here is a list of libraries, languages, and tips that can help you
to become an expert in designing and development field.

The list of web design and development libraries, languages,
and tips for 2017.

JavaScript Libraries for Web Developer

Many of these libraries, languages, and tips below are ones
that can be used on a daily basis. We have listed out some of the major
libraries, languages, and tips to help you, and makes your life easy.
Hopefully, you have more options to use that will add more extra benefits to
your designing and development work environment.

What is JavaScript Libraries?

JavaScript is a programming language that can be used to
manipulate HTML and CSS layout and functions. Using the JavaScript library can
easily access any website or application development work and It is a
pre-written JavaScript language.

jQuery: This is a fast and reliable JavaScript library that
can use for any web development project. The core of it is a Document Object
Model (DOM) which is manipulation library. A tree structure of the tags and
elements of a website is known as DOM. jQuery can use to manipulate, select and
find DOM elements inside any web pages.

BackBoneJS: Backbone.js is a JavaScript framework including
a features of model-view-presenter (MVP) application design and a restful JSON
interface. The best part of the Backbone is, it is light weight and only used
one JavaScript library for specific web application or page. Creator of
Backbone.js is Jeremy Ashkenas.

D3.js: Can be embedded within the web pages, the D3.js
library uses the JavaScript functions that are pre-built. It can use for
selecting elements, adding transitions, creating SVG objects, styling, adding
effects dynamically. The objects also can be styled using CSS. Using data can
be in many formats, however, commonly used JSON, CSV or geoJON. Using JavaScript
functions, other data formats can be written, if required.

React.js: React is also a powerful JavaScript library, which
is created and maintained by Instagram, Facebook and a community of many
individual web developers. Many popular sites like Imgur, Netflix, Feedly
Walmart are also using this React.js library within their website.

jQuery UI: jQuery UI is a free and open source software
powered by jQuery. It is a handful collection of widgets, themes and animated
visual effects with HTML, CSS, and jQuery itself. JavaScript analytics service
data shows that jQuery UI is so popular and used by over 200,000 top million

jQuery Mobile: jQuery mobile is known as an HTML5 based
user-friendly system that was designed to create responsive and mobile friendly
websites. So, jQuery is a framework also known as the mobile framework, which
specifically developed by the team of jQuery project to provide a wide variety
of tablet and smartphone.


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